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Thank you for your interest in working with Omnivagant and working with me, Odette. Omnivagant is an adventure travel blog that focusses on off the beaten track destinations, translating into detailed guides and itineraries. With an eye for photography and an extreme attention to detail we aim to create the most informative and eye pleasing articles to inspire and enable our readers to pursue the same adventures.
From exploring desserts in the Middle East to the mountains of Asia, no adventure is too wild. I am omnivagant… I will wander anywhere and everywhere. And with that motto in mind I seek out new adventures, unique cultural experiences and off the beaten track places on a daily basis. It is these themes that inspire not only me, but also our readers, the most.


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To give you a bit of a better perspective what our viewers are like, check out our latest stats below. The majority of our readers are millennials who love travel and photography. And while our readers come from all over the world they have one thing in common: they seek adventure wherever they can find it. We provide detailed guides to our readers on how to visit waterfalls, hikes, temples, mosques and hidden, and not so hidden, gems in the city. We provide the info needed for our readers to follow in our footsteps all over the world may it be touristic or off the beaten track destinations.










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While we are still a small travel blog, we travel full time, writing an average of 3 articles a week, resulting in a fast growing blog audience. The stats below are updated on the first of every month to give you the most accurate numbers at all times. Our followers are engaged by commenting and sharing content, and follow us on our social media channels to see what the next adventure will be written about. 

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Let's Work Together

I am an experienced traveler, writer and photographer who creates content on a daily basis. When working together my main goal will always be to create high quality content to promote your product, destination or travel related services.

Sponsored Content – You got a product, cause or experience you want to promote to travelers? Great, well I have a platform to promote that content on! We’ll review your product and will write an honest and detailed review about your product on our blog. Besides that we also have a social media following where we could share the use of your product, cause or experience.

Photography & Video – While this blog only exists since February 2017, we have been shooting photos since 2011. We know what we are doing, equipped with a DSLR, a drone, a GoPro, stabilizer, tripods and much much more we are ready to take on any photography or videography challenge! We are here to help you gain visibility with high quality footage.

Freelance Writing – Writing, that is what we are all about over here. We know how to write, how to engage our audience. From destination guides, to product reviews, hostel reviews, travel tips and  tricks, you need it, we’ll write it!

Brand Ambassadorship – Show the world your brand by partnering with an adventure traveler who is living a life on the road 365 days a year. What better way to promote your brand than by affiliating it with adventure and off the beaten track travel. That is what we are all about, here, at Omnivagant. From shoutouts on social media, to written blogpost, we are here to help.

Press Trips – Last, but definitely not least, press trips. You have an amazing destination? It can be unique, adventurous, desert, mountains, beaches, we love it all and promote it all! We’ll write about it, photograph it, video it, and of course, share it on all our platforms.

Interested? Send an e-mail to info[at]omnivagant.com and we will figure out together what will work best for you!