Romania, a country filled with the most beautiful castles, colourful cities and stunning views. One of Romania’s most popular regions is Transylvania, a region that is home to some of Romania’s most famous sights: Dracula’s Castle and Peles Castle. Two beautiful castles that are worth a trip to Romania alone, however, Transylvania has so much more to offer. In the region of Transylvania, which can easily be accessed from Bucharest, you will find the most colourful medieval cities such as Brasov and Sighisoara, places that will make you feel like you have stepped back in time.

However, trying to visit all these beautiful destinations can be a bit complicated and time consuming when using public transport as they aren’t necessarily close to each other. The solution: rent a car and go on a road trip! While the roads were a bit bumpy, and traffic a bit chaotic from times to times we absolutely loved our road trip through Romania. Check out all our articles below on the destinations we visited and our tips and tricks to make your road trip through Romania a success! From Brasov to Corvin’s Castle, the Transfăgărășan highway to Biertan, Transylvania truly has it all…

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