The Netherlands

The Netherlands, or well perhaps mainly Amsterdam, is one of Europe’s most popular travel destination. Backpackers, tourists and travellers from all over the world come to the Netherlands to explore the canals of Amsterdam and to see the windmills in Kinderdijk. But the Netherlands has so much more to offer then just these two destinations…

Take the train and head to the nearby city of Utrecht to see a smaller, and a way less touristic version of the Netherlands. Or perhaps explore the cities of The Hague and Rotterdam, located in the province of South Holland to see what else the Netherlands has to offer. If you have some time left in your itinerary then you might want to head down south and visit the cities of Den Bosch and Maastricht, some of my favourite destinations in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a country I called home for 20 years and while I spent only a couple of weeks a year in the Netherlands I will try to do my best to share my tips, tricks, favourite destinations and foods during my short visits home! Keep on scrolling down to find all my articles about the Netherlands.

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