Java, an island that is often forgotten due to the rising popularity of the island of Bali. And while Bali is truly stunning, travelers skipping Java are missing out. A large and vast island filled with vibrant cities and stunning views. Start your adventure in the country’s capital of Jakarta before making your way to the cultural capital of Java, Yogyakarta.

If visiting cities is not for you, and you rather go a bit more off the beaten path, be sure to make your way to Eastern Java to find some of Indonesia’s wildest adventures. Climbing active volcanoes, swimming in refreshing waterfalls or surfing on the most remote beaches, Eastern Java is where you need to be if you are looking for an adventure.

Scroll down to find all our articles on Java, including things to know before you go, info on how much it costs to travel Java and everything you need to know about taking the train in Java, the island’s main transport mode. Java doesn’t sound like the place for you? Head over to our Bali page here to see if it suits you better!

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