India, a vast country located in South Asia. A country that knows deserts, mountains, jungles and stunning beaches. Vibrant cities, palaces and temples, what does this country not have? People from all over the world travel to this vast country for months only to experience a glimpse of what this country truly has to offer.

Seeing everything, and we mean everything, could possibly take years, as India will always have something new to explore, something beautiful to discover. But if exploring and sightseeing is not your cup of tea, don’t worry, you can just spent your time drinking actual cups of tea, or chai instead. Or perhaps try the endless amounts of different curries, biryanis, breads, sweet treats and street food snacks. The Indian cuisine alone is reason enough to explore this beautiful country. Intrigued?

Scroll down below to read our articles on South India. From the beaches of Goa, the temples of Hampi, the cities of Mysore and Kochin, the tea fields of Kerala, the South of India is a place that deserves to be discovered. And don’t forget to taste the delicious Southern Indian cuisine while you’re there…

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